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Our goal is to create long-term relationships with our clients and their homes so that we can provide efficient and dependable service, and through preventive maintenance and planning, we can reduce deferred maintenance costs so that dollars spent on improvements will add value and functionality to your home, and will not be money thrown away on projects created through neglect or necessity.

Prospective client,

If you are reading this you are considering a remodel on your house – congratulations!  Designing and building a home specific to you and/or your family’s needs is an incredibly gratifying experience.  I am sure you know that you are in for a big treat in creating a home unique to your lifestyle.  This can also be a time when things begin to seem a bit overwhelming, or worse, when opportunities are missed that will not be realized until the project is underway and the change orders, additional work orders and “snowballing” begins.

This can be avoided by bringing on a contractor early in the design phase that will work directly with your architect in order to verify that design decisions/choices being presented are consistent with your budget goals and timeline expectations.

It is said that that there are over 70,000 decisions to be made on even the smallest of remodeling/building projects, and that each of those decisions affects each prior and to follow.  Often times those decisions are being made by either a design team without builder input, or by a builder without designer input, or worse, by each of them separately in respect to items as they “come up.”  But that does not have to be the case if you are able to utilize a builder that is compatible with your architect, and that understands the building process and the design/build approach.  At Chad of All Trades, we are dedicated to providing detailed bids that include realistic allowances on items that may be otherwise “unexpected.”  Our unique syndicate of contractors and myself have years of experience in the trades and building industry and maintain a collective philosophy that things should be done right the first time.  It is our goal to identify things up front with your design team that may result in budget creep later, so that a proactive plan can be established as opposed to a reactive solution when that time comes mid construction.

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That is not to say that you will not experience legitimate changes or unexpected opportunities.  Those things will happen.  The key is to plan for them and know that the team you are working with has experienced them before and will present to you solutions that will be budget conscious and timeline friendly; a San Diego Handyman team that will be proactive in their communication style, but will assume responsibility for the project so that it does not become your second job.

Unlike buying a car where you know that you are shopping the exact same model from dealer to dealer based on price, buying a builder is very subjective; you are buying your remodel based on your instinct of who will ultimately deliver your vision with the least amount of effort from you.   Whoever you choose will be a part of your daily life for an extended period of time and it is possible that they may start to feel like the extended family that you love but cannot wait to get rid of during the holidays.  They will see you at your best and worst, and you may have an opportunity to see them in the same light.  Be sure that is a company willing to act as your advocate, and that beyond all else will put your needs and interests above all else, and will be capable of communicating those concepts effectively to all other players involved.  Ultimately, your project should be a fun and enriching experience with the outcome of a life changing space that makes your time with your family more effective and comfortable.  I know that we can be a part of that and look forward to working with you.  Sincerely,

Chad Arendsen, Principal
Chad of All Trades, Inc.

More Information About San Diego Remodeling, Construction & Handyman Services

Chad of All Trades, Inc. is a licensed, fully insured, reputable and trustworthy San Diego general contracting company.  We carry both Workers Comp Insurance and General Liability Insurance. We provide full service design and build solutions, as well as professional handyman services.  At any time we are prepared to provide you with an expert in any construction related trade necessary to complete your project.  Why hire multiple trades people that need constant attention and management?  Why deal with finger pointing and blame-game from your sub-contractors or service providers when you can have one company that can handle it all for you and that is ALWAYS accountable, on time and on budget?  There is literally no job too big or too small for Chad of All Trades, Inc. and you can always expect:

  • On time arrival and completion of projects
  • Polite and skilled trades people
  • Budget consciousness
  • Innovative solutions

What makes COAT INC. different than any other design- build San Diego contractors and handyman companies?

Whether the job is large or small, we have the appropriate trades person to provide you with a solution:

Unlike many "paper pushing" general contractors, project managers, or professional handyman companies that spend their days on the phone trying to hire the right person for the job you just purchased, Chad of All Trades, Inc. is actually a syndicate of many licensed contractors all working together under one roof.  We provide a team environment where many skilled trades people can come together in a common effort to provide high quality, fair pricing and a firm commitment to follow through with what is agreed upon with our clients, all using the same proven systems that Chad of All Trades, Inc. has employed for the last 10 years.

And since each of the members of our elite team thrives on the successes of the others, the overall environment on a Chad of All Trades jobsite is not one of finger pointing or defensiveness as is a common occurrence too often reported by home owners that have remodeling experience, but instead is one of problem solving and solution finding.

This is important because in any given remodel, there are as many as 70,000 decisions to be made and executed, therefore it is fairly accurate to say that something will be encountered along the way that was not anticipated and that may require a change in approach or concept.  You definitely want a team that is cohesive and solution based when this happens; a team that has the experience of working with one another on a day-in-day-out basis and that will help you find the most cost effective approach to your potential problem; not try to avoid the problem or sell you something more than what you may need to take care of the issue at hand.

On that subject, did you know that 80% of the profit made on a construction project is made in change orders?

It is true: most estimators either lack the experience in the field to anticipate potential issues that may affect prices or intentionally omit things that may come up during the project since they know that many home owners are seeking multiple bids and may ultimately make a decision based on the initial price (not an advised method of making a selection).  Or perhaps it even comes from a place of innocence because the guy that you had such great luck with remodeling your powder room turns out to be not so experienced when it comes to all of the nuances of remodeling a kitchen, and even though he was 100% sure that he could do it for 20k, you are already 35k into it and the countertops are still not abutting the oven bulkhead the way you wanted and the refrigerator is just not in the exact right place . . . but "you are getting a deal," so you will just have to live with it.

Hiring a Reliable and Trustworthy San Diego Contractor

The scenarios above are the most common, but there are many other ways that contractors and builders manifest ways to make more money on a job or that home-owners (through naivety) create ways to spend more.  While neither the problem or the solution rests entirely on the shoulders of the contractor or the homeowner, at Chad of All Trades, Inc., we believe in providing detailed written estimates that include allowances for potential issues that may come up based on our experience in working on similar jobs to yours.  This way, we provide a REALISTIC budget for our clients to work from and refine based on their needs and then if none of the items we anticipate encountering on the job come up, we are ahead of the game, or can then allocate those funds for a home-owner sponsored "must have" that was not originally agreed on.  In short, it is easy to be the lowest, middle or highest bid once you know what the needs are of the client, but it is hard to be the most consistent bidder.  Chad of All Trades, Inc. has a fixed price list of all items for all trades that we represent so that we can always guarantee that you will spend the same as your neighbor, as your neighbor, as your mother's best friend's cousin's doctor.

Bottom line is that Chad of All Trades, Inc. is renovating the way that builders, San Diego contractors and project managers interact with their clients and their respective associates on a daily basis.  Our innovative use of technology to communicate with our clients, coupled with our unique approach to the out-played design/build process, makes us the only company in California that can provide you with right solution for your needs.  We are not the cheapest; we are not the most expensive; but we ARE the most fair.  You ALWAYS get what you pay for when you hire Chad of All Trades, Inc., and we look forward to working with you.  Sincerely,

Chad Arendsen, Principal
Chad of All Trades, Inc.

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