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Millennials target San Diego area infographic

Millennials target San Diego area

Millennials target San Diego area for more affordable, older homes they can remodel in lieu of buying an expensive condo. Older owners spend to account for accessibility and reinvest in their homes.A new study from the Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies released this February revealed that Millennials are projected to spend the most on remodeling and construction between 2017-2025.This means great things for San Diego! Tradespeople need to be ready for the “summer” that is coming in the industry All segments [...]

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10 Reasons You Should Add a Deck to Your Home

 I'm of the opinion that if you don't already have one, you should consider adding a deck to your home. After all, with the typically ideal weather we enjoy in Southern California, there are few reasons why no one should stay inside all the time. If you have the square footage to do it, here are 10 reasons you should add a deckA deck increases your livable square footage. Because of that, I like to call decks "rooms with [...]

San Diego Home Remodeling

7 Budgeting Tips for Home Renovation

 When considering a home renovation project, your budget may be your top concern. Whether you're undertaking a bathroom renovation or a whole-home remodel, knowing what you can afford to do is an essential part of the process. These seven tips should serve you well when budgeting for a home renovation. 1. Research costs for similar projects. I know that it can be difficult to properly budget money for certain home renovation projects, especially if you've never done one before, but some [...]

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7 Steps to Take When Getting a Home Remodeling Estimate

 Gathering estimates for a home renovation project can be a daunting task, and especially for first-time home renovators. However, these seven tips can help ensure that your home remodeling project begins with its best chances for a successful outcome. 1. Before scheduling an estimate, ask as many questions as you can. Save yourself ample time by being prepared with your own relevant questions about what you'd like to see happen in your home remodeling project—and maybe more importantly how much you're [...]

7 Ways to Tell if Your Contractor is a Stud or a Dud

This list has nothing to do with looks and everything to do with quality and timeliness of service in your home remodeling project. When working through this list, consider the last renovation project you may have completed. If you’ve never been through a renovation project with a contractor, this list will still be very useful to you as it will help you become more aware of exactly what you should expect when hiring a contractor or handyman. (more…)

HGTV Shows Are Awesome, Except When They Lead To…

Blame it on The Brady Bunch. That might have been the first TV show to happily wrap up any kind of conflict within 30 minutes or less. From then on, we mostly expected our shows to answer any questions within the timeframe of the show. Some of today's edgier shows don't offer quick resolution, but there's one channel that wholly relies on resolving the "plot" within 30 minutes to an hour. Can you guess which one?HGTV's shows and those [...]

Should I Have My Home Theater Installation Done by Professionals?

I love watching movies and I’m a self-admitted audiophile, so when it comes to creating affordable home theaters for my clients, I’m all ears. But when it comes to homeowners who want to attempt DIY home theater installation, I have a few words of caution.As more and more devices clamor for both space and attention in our living rooms, customers want their devices to play nicely together while not sprouting a spaghetti web of wires. From gigantic flat screen [...]

A Manufactured Home is a Viable, Smart Choice for Budget-Minded Home Buyers

Manufactured homes get a bad rap, and we can probably blame that on TV. Those who live in manufactured homes are presented as “trailer trash” or old people on fixed incomes, as if their choice to live in a mobile home was a last resort. But reality is seldom like television. In today’s economy, choosing to purchase a manufactured home can be a smart way for home buyers to save money on their home expenses.At Chad of All Trades, [...]

The Single Best Way to Save Money on Your Home Remodel

Money may be your first consideration when you begin thinking about home remodeling in Southern California. Sure, visions of a better kitchen and an updated bathroom may motivate you to consider a remodeling project, but once your new ideas have given way to contacting home remodeling companies in San Diego, your next thought is what every home remodeler thinks: “How much is this going to cost me?”Though the work will cost you something, people interested in having their homes [...]