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As one of the foremost authorities in the manufactured housing industry, Chad of All Trades is working towards breaking the stigma that manufactured homes are for "trailer trash" and "old people on fixed incomes." While there can be truth found in all ignorance, Chad of All Trades has dedicated more than 30% of its assets to the restoration and beautification of manufactured houses. Especially in California, manufactured homes are no longer viewed as temporary structures to be wheeled off and discarded – they have transformed into entry level and retirement housing for prudent investors and those seeking quality of life without breaking the bank. As the American population continues to age (and continues to retire) this limited, cost effective property will become ever more valuable and sought after.

Having grown up in a seismic retrofit business catering mostly to manufactured homes, Chad has found deep roots in that end of the business and plans never to stop helping owners of manufactured homes improve and protect their investments. Don’t leave the maintenance to future generations: if a manufactured home is to still be considered at all mobile, make it a vehicle for building a future for yourself or your loved ones. Call today for your free consultation on all of your manufactured home improvements!

If you do need seismic retrofits for insurance purposes or permanent foundations (433A) for lending purposes:   we encourage you to contact On The Level General Contractors

If you need an engineer's certification for a foundation or have title issues with manufactured homes:  we suggest

If you need a loan on a manufactured home in a resident-owned park or on a private lot, we suggest:

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