The Single Best Way to Save Money on Your Home Remodel

The Single Best Way to Save Money on Your Home Remodel

Money may be your first consideration when you begin thinking about home remodeling in Southern California. Sure, visions of a better kitchen and an updated bathroom may motivate you to consider a remodeling project, but once your new ideas have given way to contacting home remodeling companies in San Diego, your next thought is what every home remodeler thinks: “How much is this going to cost me?”

Though the work will cost you something, people interested in having their homes renovated who’ve never been through the process before often fear what kinds of ballooning costs they may discover during the renovation. They’ve either watched one too many renovation shows on HGTV or they’ve heard financial horror stories from their friends and neighbors.

Why Some Companies’ Renovation Costs Increase During Renovation

Here’s how this snowballing of renovation expenses often plays out:

An architect draws up plans for the house and sends them to an engineer. The engineer provides supporting calculations on the design and sends it on to the builder. The builder then provides a bid, gets the job, and constructs the house.

But when the client moves in, she sees that the support column that looked so good in the initial design, and that was approved by the city, is actually too close to a wall, consequently preventing her from using her extendable dining room table for big parties. She also sees another wall that’s not as long as it was supposed to be, preventing her from placing an heirloom piece of furniture in the exact place she desired. She then sees that the placement of the fire sprinkler system won’t allow her to place lights in the main entryway where she wanted. At that point, the client is faced with a choice: live with less than what she expected (and paid for) or pay to have the plans redrawn, the work rebid, and the problem areas rebuilt.

How to Save Money on Your Home Remodel

This is how costs can balloon during a remodeling project, but Chad of All Trades offers a solution to this issue that hundreds of our customers appreciate.

The single best way to save money on your home remodel is to hire a building company who works in tandem with an architect and designer from the very beginning of the process.

According to some, even the smallest of remodeling projects could require up to 70,000 decisions, and each of these decisions can have a cascading ripple effect on future choices. More often than not, these decisions are made be a design team without builder input or by a builder without design input, resulting in clients’ unmet expectations and soaring costs during remodeling.

Remodeling doesn’t have to be this way. In fact, with our company, it isn’t. When customers choose Chad of All Trades, they’re also getting the help of Hester Interiors, a completely separate yet entirely compatible entity. In other words, there are no incentives, kickbacks, or commissions available for change orders or upgraded finishes throughout the project. Our goal is to help you meet your goals.

Through our “trinity of checks and balances” between the architect, builder, and designer, we work to ensure that your Southern California remodeling project is seen by all involved parties from beginning to end. This helps to lessen the likelihood of unforeseen issues during the remodel. If any such issues do arise, all three parties are involved to help solve the problem to the client’s satisfaction. The result is a system where the major components of the project work symbiotically with one another, but not for anyone other than the client.

To learn how you might be able to save money on home remodeling, contact Chad of All Trades.

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