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Five Things You Should Know About Your Home

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things you should knowIt is always wise to consult an expert for repairs to your home, but what happens when an emergency requires immediate attention? There are certain things you must know about your home to ensure that you and your family are safe until an expert can get there to fix things. If you do not know these things, learn them as quickly as possible! Chad of All Trades wants everyone to stay safe at home, and offers the following tips to help you deal with emergency situations, at least on a temporary basis.

  1. Know how to cut off your home’s water supply.  Your main water cutoff is located somewhere between your house and the meter at the street. If you have a small metal cover in the yard or on the side of the driveway, your main shutoff is probably underneath. Other homes may have a main that sits above ground level.  Locate this cutoff valve and invest in the right tool to be able to turn it on or off. Your water company can help you if you are not able to locate the main or turn the water on or off.
  2. Know how to cut off water to various appliances. Your washing machine, ice maker and dishwasher all have water supplies and probably have a spigot-type cutoff valve with the familiar wheel-shaped control. Your washing machine will have two supplies—one for hot and one for cold water. Check both to ensure you know how to turn them on and off. Your ice maker and dishwasher controls are probably located under your sink. Check them and be sure you know which is which.  Label them if necessary.
  3. Know how to cut off the main power switch. Your circuit breaker or fuse box should have a whole-house shutoff for emergencies. Take a look at the box and ensure that you know which switch is the main. It may be larger than the others.
  4. Know how to pull circuit breakers or fuses. Unlabeled circuit breakers are a problem when an emergency arises. If you must, pull the whole-house breaker, but it is more convenient if you have your circuits or fuses labeled.
  5. Know where your fire extinguisher is. You should have a quality fire extinguisher located in your kitchen and on each floor of your home. Learn how to use this device.

Chad of All Trades encourages home owners to stay safe and learn the basics to deal with home emergencies!

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